USMNT App Idea

App home screen
Home screen

For my digital online media class, I had to come up with an idea for an app. Since my topic is the USMNT, I figured I would make a “USMNT app”. The idea of it is to cover all their stories, scores, upcoming schedule, roster, and stats.

The idea of the app is very basic, but the concept of it is much like the SportsCenter app. Only its just for all things USMNT(that sounded just like the LeBron app commercial, “all things LeBron”). Anyways, we aren’t supposed to actually make it, just come up with the idea of one. I think it would be a handy little app to have, especially during the World Cup.

USMNT score page
Have a scores page like this sort of. Keep in mind this is just an idea! The real thing would look more professional and more “sporty” if you will.

What do you think? You think the USMNT app would be a good idea?


One thought on “USMNT App Idea”

  1. Great job overall on your blog. Looks like you are getting the hang of WordPress. I personally would not have the song autoplay because it can easily freak someone [me] out who wasn’t expecting it at first, but great job customizing the theme. I would have liked to hear more explanation on your app idea since you really didn’t go into detail about the functionality, what problem it would solve, etc…

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