Final Wrap-up for my FDOM class

old main, TXSTThis semester in Fundamentals of Digital Online Media(FDOM) at Texas State University has been a semester full of new experiences for me. I have never done a blog before, I added social media accounts I never thought I would have like LinkedIn, and I learned way more in this class than I did in any other classes I have taken. I believe that’s the case because I enjoyed what I was learning. When our blog project was first introduced, I was constantly on it thinking of ways to make my blog and blog posts better. Aspiring to become a sports reporter one day, blogging is an essential skill to have in order to be successful. Blogging helps your writing skills, and also keeps you up to date and learning about how to use the Internet as a medium in many different ways as it evolves. I find this very important, to always keep up with technology and how to use it in terms of mass media.

I learned the importance of promoting yourself through social media. I used my Facebook and Twitter accounts to share my blog posts to help get my content out to the people in the online world. The only issue for me at first was getting used to WordPress and navigating through the tools it gives you. Once I got that down, my creativity could go to work.

I will keep continue to blog using this as a general sports blog, try to improve my blogging, and also try to increase my following. It’ll take time and work but the result is well worth it. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to look back on this post when I’ve made it to where I want to go, and reflect where it all started… when I started blogging in college for one of my classes.

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One thought on “Final Wrap-up for my FDOM class”

  1. Hello, I have been keeping up with your blog and I really like it. Very informational and you make your point. I usually don’t follow soccer but this was something that I used as a little dictionary when talking to my friends at work. Shhh don’t tell them. Thanks!

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